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About KLS

Shenzhen Kinglisheng New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. (brand name: KLS-BMS) was founded in 2014 as an ambitious start-up in China. From the beginning, we were determined to push the battery-based electrification technology forward by developing, manufacturing, and selling Battery Management Systems (BMS) for lithium-ion battery technologies.

The products mainly cover startup power BMS, hardware BMS, software BMS (Smart BMS), two, three, four wheel and other light power BMS, and various products have passed quality .

We have participated in many of the industry’s innovations and solutions worldwide. With over 10 years of experience in a relatively young industry and over 1000 customer projects, KLS-BMS is a leading BMS solutions provider worldwide. Products are widely used in energy storage, transportation, manufacturing, new energy, medical, communications, and other fields.


Customer-first, people-oriented, providing first-class products and service.


Continuously explore and research new technologies to upgrade BMS, better meet people's living needs, and promote new energy development.


To be a world-class supplier of lithium battery management system solutions.


A super manufacturer offering full-range BMS solutions for all lithium batteries.

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