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Why Choose Us

Since established in 2014, KLS BMS has made its mark in the field of lithium-ion battery solutions. We possess expertise in building custom lithium-ion battery packs. Independently developed BMS for a wide range of professional products. We specialize in: Hardware BMS, Software intelligent BMS, and Startup Power BMS.

High-quality standards are our pride

For us, quality is of paramount importance. Therefore, to achieve the best BMS performance, we carry out strict control checking on each BMS to ensure that all components are operating as expected. Our manufacturing base has gained ISO 9001, FC, ROHS, and CE certifications

Passion for the environment

Actively answer the call of global environmental protection policies, ensuring energy security and boosting the high-quality development of healthy and sustainable energy industry.

Excellent performance with 0 defective

With KLS BMS, forget all your worries regarding performance challenges and safety issues. Our state-of-the-art, perfectly engineered battery management system protects the device against over-charging, over-discharge, over-temperature, and short-circuit.

Business Advantage


Plant area:3000 square meters


50+ R&D personnel


Annual sales

Production Process

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